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Travelling in style.

Travelling is a singular emotional experience, a privilege that widens our horizons and transforms us.

We design bespoke experiences for those travelers who want to discover both New Zealand and the world in a different way. We will create an incomparable love-story between you and any destination you choose.

wherever you are.
whatever you need.
at the moment you need it.

Our dedicated concierge team lead by Jeanette Tobin will provide you with an unforgettable experience during your stay in the city.


We provide Concierge services to you, your family and guests either when you don't have staff on hand or are too busy to manage with everything during some periods of your life. MATERNITY CONCIERGE, GOLDEN AGERS among others.


We help landlords and luxury property owners to offer a lifestyle experience by providing much more than beautiful interiors. Our concierge embody the words of urban lifestyle, luxury living and welcoming.


Loyalty Programs and Hospitality Concierge designed adhoc for your BEST TALENT or VIP CLIENTS that help and assist with anything they need from attending world fairs to social benefits to increase client's loyalty and executives's retention.


Our Concierge services help visitors, who travel to New Zealand to visit some of the best doctors, to experience smooth visits without stress, by organising everything they may need before their arrival and during their stay.

time. information. emotion.


Concierge is not a service. Wynyard Lifestyle Management is no longer in the business of managing tasks. We are in the business of managing values; and what are the ultimate luxury values?

time. information. emotion.

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