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Virtual assistant.

Private Client Culture.


We know delegating personal organization tasks is not easy. It requires a great deal of trust, absolute confidentiality and masterful efficiency. Every day.

A personal assistant is a trustworthy professional, entirely at your disposal; one who not only tends to all aspects of your everyday life, but also anticipates your personal and family needs, thus allowing you to focus on what is really most important to you.

Your personal assistant acts according to your preferences, by paying attention to every detail and by treating your private life and schedules with superlative care.

We can turn your day-to-day routine into something unique.

Endless solutions for your personal life.

Day-to-day solutions based on an exemplary attention to detail, and an attitude of flawless individual service. We consider each client as singular and unique.

How can we assist you :

* If you have a temporary residence in the country.
* If you want to enjoy periods of time in the country or city.
* If you live permanently in the city.
* If you plan to move to any of the cities where we can assist you.

We put quality above quantity by capping our number of clients.



Wynyard Lifestyle Management offers an extensive range of confidential services, devoted to simplifying the daily lives of our clients, in a wholly personalized manner. The list of our services and the possibilities we offer is unlimited, as is the imagination of our clients. No request is too difficult, nothing is impossible. We maintain a roster of no more than one hundred individually treated clients, so to ensure our high standards and irreprouchable service. Whether you are in New Zealand or overseas, we are able to assist you where ever you are in the world.


All you require for solving the needs of your personal and familiy organization: -one person, your Personal Assistant.


Extraordinary Services.

Our work extends throughout a wide range of categories, from managing your home to arranging private art viewings.  We take pride in our flexibility to work with a list of over 300 diverse tasks which we always fulfill with close attention to detail, impeccable confidentiality and personalisation.

Our categories are the following, with each category containing an inexhaustible list tasks that we manage for our clients on a daily basis. They are as extensive as the imagination and requirements of our clients :

Home and Family

Our H&F services are specifically designed to fulfill your more basic needs in a wholly personalized manner, so that you have time to spend more precious moments with your loved ones.

Children Care

From selecting the perfect nanny to chosen the piano teacher for private classes or their horse riding activities, our personal assistants will take care of your most precious  : your kids.

Family Activities

Because you know how important your time is, your Personal Assistant will look for the best activities and experiences according to your family preferences and budget.

Health and Personal Care

We know that every person requires different personal care and are sensitive to this when making decisions with their wellness, therefore we strive to provide thoughtful and personal services to make people feel their very best.

Beauty and Wellness

Our clients highly value aesthetics and beauty so we aim to provide them with the very best of this industry (from most exclusive gym clubs to antiaging treatments) on how to have the healthiest lifestyle.

Private Celebrations

Wynyard Lifestyle Management's private celebrations range from small family affairs to larger and more exuberant celebrations. Whatever you dream celebration is, we will make it a reality.

Residence Custody

Following vacations, it is always a great feeling to return to your wonderful home and this is why during your time away we will co-ordinate any maintenance or improvement work that you need, so when you return it will be perfect.


Few things in life have such great value as education: we assist our clients in selecting the best private schools .

Travel, Getaways

Travel is something personal, and we understand that every individual has their own requirements. We are determined to provide every client with the access to the most extraordinary experiences and events in the world.

Leisure and Entertainment

Our clients value free time more than anything. Not only do we aim to provide them with more time to enjoy themselves, but also to assist them in finding the best ways for them to enjoy this time.

Transport and Mobility

Our clients love to travel in style. From providing the most exclusive private chauffeur services, helicopters and private jets, to searching for the best window tinting service so that they can travel in absolute privacy..


Whatever a client’s preferences, we aim to provide them with a personalised and bespoke experience. Other perks to our clients includes: purchases in pre-sales campaigns, invitations to private launching of new collections, to attend exclusive fashion events for the next season.

Service for Seniors

We want our senior clients to get the most out of their golden years and this is fundamental in our services for seniors. We provide our senior clients with more time to enjoy what they love doing the most.

The Art of Giving

We know that expressing love and friendship through gifts is an art form. Your PA will take care of the best ideas, the small details and arrange everything so that you don’t have to.


Your PA will deal with the tasks necessary for you to do and those that require the most time. All of this so that you can spend more time thinking about the things that really are important in life.


Sharing the city in which you live with guests often takes a lot of time to organize. We will take care of creating special moments for your guests, making it as extraordinary as possible for them.

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