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Wynyard Lifestyle Management Experiences provides enjoyment in outstanding tailor-made experiences in New Zealand, that promises unique encounters with the finest gastronomy, and culture, combined with sports, architecture, design, fashion, leisure and entertainment and the essence of travel and hospitality.


Our experiences are designed to delight and surprise wealthy extraordinary people of the social elite. Those who earn it, who have the knowledge and who value discretion.

Our experiences are ephemeral, extremely discreet, nomadic, in limited editions, tailor-made and, of course, provide excellence in every small detail.

The Gift of Time. The Magic of Emotion. Devoted to your Dream.

Available throughout the year, all of them can become unforgettable moments by enabling you to enjoy the most extraordinary experiences around the world.

Because we believe the only way to maintain our high standards while delivering the highest level of service, our clients are treated individually and our experiences are only available in limited editions.

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